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Julia Keleher founded Keleher & Associates in 2009. She dedicated nearly 20 years of her life to education and government and has experience at the Federal, State and local levels. Julia is an expert in education, grants management, and project management. She designed and led major IT and risk management initiatives in a variety of contexts. Julia was recognized as an emerging leader in government and was selected to participate in the Excellence in Government (2011) and Federal Executive Institute (2012).


“I worked with Julia Keleher on two major initiatives - promoting the use of a data-driven grantee-risk assessment tools and introducing the use of business analytics for enterprise-wide use. Many of the accomplishments the project teams realized were because of Julia professionalism and organizational skills. I was impressed with Julia’s ability to think outside the box and be a visionary. She was able to effectively promote new ideas and gain support from executives as well as team members. She is a relationship-builder and is expert at identifying and sharing opportunities for collaboration within and across organizations.”

“I have known Julia Keleher for almost 7 years. She has been involved in operations, grants management, and contracting with the US Department of Education. I have been very impressed Julia’s management and leadership style. She is known for her responsiveness to customers' needs, ability to solve complex problems, and timely delivery. Julia has an enthusiasm and a passion for helping organizations and individuals to see positive growth. Her approach to each project is to manage constructive inputs in order to move the organization or individual in the right direction. I have enjoyed working with Julia on several innovativeprojects. I continue to be amazed by her tenacity and her ability to, tirelessly, meet a challenge head on. I would highly recommend Keleher & Associates’ services."

“I've had the privilege of working closely with Julia on a number of projects over the last few years. Julia is smart, passionate about results, and methodical in her approach to delivering outcomes. She excels at, and truly thrives on, getting things done right, the first time. Working with Julia I always have the sense that two key things matter most to her - adding value and delivering results. She is a true pleasure to work with, and I'd hire her again without reservation. Although Julia brings a strong bias for action to everything she does, she is also calm, thoughtful, resourceful, and strategic."

“She has a unique and amazing ability to attend to both the big picture and hundreds of minor details, without getting stuck on either one. She is methodical and persistent in clearly understanding a project's major goals, mappingtimelines, identifyingbarriers, and articulating a no-nonsense implantation strategy.Her enthusiasm and focus are contagious, and time after time I have seen her transform a room of ambivalent and uncertain colleagues into a team with a plan! She achieves this kind of result consistently and effortlessly, just by being herself.”

Our Approach

We approach performance improvement initiatives as a collaborative effort. Keleher & Associates helps our clients understand, select and apply best practices from business, education and psychology. We encourage data-driven decision making and promote the use of continuous improvement frameworks.

Our Work

Our work begins with an objective assessment of your organization’s current functioning. We analyze performance data to identify opportunities for improvement and set performance targets. Our tools, templates and guides leverage proven methodologies and are customized to work within your organization’s culture and performance improvement objectives.

Our Value

In today’s economic climate, everyone is being asked to do more with less. Employees at every level of an organization are struggling to maintain or improve performance despite shrinking resources. Keleher & Associates adds value by helping our clients improve their efficiency and effectiveness.